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The latest permanent fat destruction technology and the closest alternative to surgical liposuction, but without the surgery, time off work or recovery period.

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Targets stubborn fat & cellulite where the average clients lose up to 1 dress/pant size and reduce cellulite in as little as 4 weeks.

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infrared sauna

Helps your body release a number of toxins along with key health benefits such as weight loss, relief of unwanted pain, increase your circulation, and purify your skin.

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Wellness Report

Consists of a 360° Body Scan for precise, accurate measurements plus body fat % & a Hair Scan to optimise your energy and health with a vitamin/mineral deficiency report plus a 90 day food list to balance your nutrition. 

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I started at HYPOXI Moonee Ponds after spending years exercising & eating right & still not being able to lose bulk off my lower body. After only 6 sessions I lost a total of 24 centimeters and I’ve never been happier! These treatments actually work and if you’re someone like me who’s healthy but struggling to get those last few stubborn kilos to drop off then HYPOXI is definitely for you!
— Sarah
Baby weight was a struggle to lose with my first two pregnancies. After my third and hearing of HYPOXI I booked in a Free Trial to give it a go! Laura was so thorough and passionate about HYPOXI I joined and after my 2 month program I fit back into my size 8 jeans! Thank you and I highly recommend HYPOXI Moonee Ponds to all you mum’s out there struggling to reshape your body back into your pre-baby clothes!
— Natalie
After years of training and readjusting my eating habits, my body refused to shift those stubborn fats. Within the first week of working out at HYPOXI Moonee Ponds my body started to transform. 4 weeks later and I have lost 30.7 cm all over. I can’t recommend it enough. And, as for the team at Moonee Ponds they are just AWESOME!!
— Frances
I tore my calf muscle whilst exercising and was told about HYPOXI as a possible recovery option. I was extremely skeptical about it after hearing about it but figured I had nothing to lose. My injury caused me pain while walking and exerting myself in any way shape or form was simply not an option.

After 1 session my jaw literally hit the ground. I stepped out of the machine and I felt instant relief! I was in shock. After 2 sessions I was able to stretch and I returned to light training pain free. By my 4th session I was able to start running again and I now feel no pain or discomfort. I still can’t believe how much HYPOXI has helped me!!

Thank you to all the staff at Moonee Ponds! You were all so wonderful friendly and helpful. A special thanks to Laura for you patience and help. Your staff are a credit to you and I cannot thank you enough. XX and I lost about 1cm around my waist (fantastic side effect!) I would highly recommend HYPOXI to anyone suffering a similar condition. It worked for me.
— Mario
Impeccable customer service and 100% client assistance. I’m a long term client of HYPOXI Moonee Ponds and easy time management being a Business Owner with my 30 minute sessions whilst completing work emails.
— Renee


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Located in the Central District of Moonee Ponds since October 31, 2011 HYPOXI Moonee Ponds is a health and well-being studio that specialises in body re-shaping, body contouring and one on one support in weight loss and personal journeys.

We have built a very welcoming and boutique style gym with 30-60 minute sessions and a maximum 8 clients at one time. 

Our friendly, supportive team are highly passionate with helping our clients whilst listening to their needs and assisting in every way we can to reach your personal goals. 

Book your Free Consultation & HYPOXI Trial to learn of the services we provide, which package is best suitable for you and our payment options available. 

Look forward to meeting you and giving you the experience you deserve!

 Owners & Operators - Steve & Laura Marazzi

Owners & Operators - Steve & Laura Marazzi