Hair Scan Analysis & 90 Day Nutrition Report

Achieve a 90 Day Optimum Wellness Report in only 20 minutes! 

Modern day living has many common influences that can have an impact on and affect your underlying wellness. These include foods eaten and nutrients absorbed, along with many common environmental influences at home and work.



With Your Very Own Optimize Report

- The service is non-invasive, takes just 15 minutes
- The indicators are based on your own body’s resonance
- You get instant access to 11 key categories, , covering more than 800 individual influences
- A list of food restrictions to leave out for 90 days.
- A list of food additives to avoid and common additive information.
- A 90-day nutritional plan, including nutrients, water and lifestyle factors.
- A personalized list of foods to increase or add to your daily intake.
- Self-check sheets to help you keep track of progress.
- The program is safe and natural
- Optimizes your Wellness TODAY!