ULtrashape POWER

targets stubborn fat pockets with permanent results

UltraShape Power is the solution for removing unwanted stubborn fat pockets you cannot target with your current health & fitness regime.

With this treatment, we focus on the exact area you want reduced to permanently break down the fat cells with this safe and painless method.

We offer a Complimentary Body Consultation to assess the area you would like treated, educate you on how UltraShape Power works, advise on what results you can expect and recommend the package most suitable for your goals.

The results shown were over 3 recommended UltraShape treatments over 6 weeks. Individual results may vary*


We pride ourselves on assisting our clients to achieve the best body sculpting results.
We have formulated a specific treatment plan to encourage fat burning and deliver brilliant results in 3 steps.


UltraShape Treatment

In 1 hour, we successfully target 1-3cm of unwanted fatty tissue in the desired area with a safe and pain-free treatment.

This tissue will be dispersed into the body for natural removal over the next 10 days via the lymphatic system.

We perform 3 treatments which are completed fortnightly over 6 weeks.


HYPOXI Sessions

We recommend completion of 3 HYPOXI 30-minute sessions within 7 days post treatment.

HYPOXI utilises aerobic exercise with vacuum therapy to stimulate the lymphatic system which assists the natural removal of the fatty tissue.

Our clients have seen outstanding results when HYPOXI is added to the after care.


FIT3D Body Scan

We use our advanced complete body scan for body composition analysis to track our clients progress over the course of their treatments.

This scan, completed fortnightly before your UltraShape treatment, will show your progress and compare your results treatment by treatment. We also take before and after photos.